Homeboys and Drive by Shootings

Racially tinged language is fun!

A 10 year old interviews Joe Biden (who explains accurately what the Vice President does as opposed to his counterpart on the GOP ticket) after which the youngster proclaims him to be his new homeboy.   It’s so sweet!


Then there’s more John McCain.   He said he admired Obama’s use of language and asked us to parse it in the final presidential debate.   Here he says that “the people are the victims of a drive by shooting” in this economic crisis.   Should we parse this, John?   (It comes in at about the 6:20 in this clip, but watch the whole thing if you want to see him talk about spreading the wealth around himself, or get caught in other inconsistencies.)


Colin Powell may believe that Mr. McCain has not a racist bone in his body, but he’s consistently making either extroadinarily stupid statements, or is in fact a keen user of what was known as the “Southern Strategy‘s” language.   (I object to that term.   I agree with Frank Rich.   It’s insulting to the South to think an election can be won by appealing to the worst in human nature.   I’ve got a good chunk of family down there, white and black and I think we’re all smarter than that!)

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