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Who’s Riley Cooper?

Yes, I’m not a football fan. And I’ve been avoiding most tabloid style news of Weiners, and others. But my sister lives in Philly and a prof at her university wrote an editorial on Riley Cooper headlined “Some of your best friends are racists.” What jumped out for me was this:

“And even when racism jumps out and stares us in the face, we are way too invested in the rhetoric of colorblindness to even acknowledge its presence.”

He talks about having “honest conversations about race” with your friends, with those in whom you are invested.

It’s a good read.

Read Some of your best friends are racists


OK, I was scared when I saw this posted on my friend’s Facebook, but I thought it was actually hilarious, and filled with mulatto moments!

Great essay from Goldie Taylor on the

Painful examination of the continuity of life in pre and “post-racial” America.  Watch Taylor read it on the Rachel Maddow Show.