I just got in from the celebrations here in Nevada.  Wow.  I’m just completely blown away.  My first calls after my mother and sister were to my elders.  Septuagenarians,  Octogenarians, who never thought they would see this day.  I spent the day poll watching at a Baptist Church in the ‘burbs of Las Vegas, watching children come along with their parents who were casting votes for history.  No major shenanigans ensued.  I was there to check out who actually voted.  Then we went out to ask those who hadn’t shown up to come to the polls.  More with photos tomorrow or Thursday.  Now it’s time for sleep and to pick up that paper in the morning, of which I’d dreamt vividly just a month ago.  I almost relaxed, but I’m glad I came out here to put in the work!

Yes we did.

Here are a few more election photos:

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