Iced Tea & Skittles

Peace PleaseThe only way a large man
in a pickup truck,
whom the police have asked to remain in his vehicle,
comes into harm’s way

in the proximity of

a 17 year old boy
carrying iced tea and Skittles
walking in the rain

is if the man
gets out of his truck,
confronts the boy,
with a gun
hidden in his pants

the boy could be a martial arts expert
he could be a stoner
he could be a Harry Potter fan

one thing he is definitely not:

confronting people on a neighborhood street
carrying lethal force

That is George Zimmerman

It’s astounding to me that a man who initiated a confrontation carrying concealed deadly force, which he used to kill an unarmed minor, is not guilty of, at the very least, manslaughter. And at the end of it the smiling State Attorney says this trial was never about race, yet in the same breath conceding that she believes the boy was profiled. Are we that desperate to appear post-racial? Why was the trial not about that?

And guns?

No one would have died in Sanford, Florida of a gunshot wound on February 26, 2012 had George Zimmerman not profiled or carried a gun.

Trayvon Martin is dead.

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