Miscegenation Blues

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The mix title comes from a book edited by Carol Camper. The second song, Sweat, is loosely based on an essay in the book, though I no longer have it. These are a bunch of songs that I’ve recorded over the past 18 years. The first, We, well I couldn’t resist, it’s a loud one, and it makes me chuckle. (MicegeNation / long gestation / We are what we are.) Track 3’s lyric, Daydream, was written  10 years ago today, after the 30th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s assassination. (The folk singer I refer to is Pete Seeger, on his Live at Carnegie Hall album.

I could keep going but just hit play to start the player. And if you want to hear it while you surf, detach it. Many of the lyrics can be found on jasonluckett.com/peace or on the discs page.

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