Mulatto Shorts

This is the video for the single, “Our Moment in the Sun!”


Shot by  Steven Simko. —  Buy this single on iTunes.

Stir It Up : a Mulatto Moment classic…



carry me up to be received
we’re drinking
coffee at 10am

newspaper deaths
thirty years, one day
a folk singer says i ain’t scared

and tears fall as i daydream
of martin luther king fulfilled

(can you feel…?)

carry me up to receive
‘cos despair as fate is nonsense to me
sun warms us through our windows
but my friend and i must go outside

with knowledge from these conversations
we must act at least in song

can you feel?
you’re not alone!
can you feel?

carry me up to believe
that words of peace stir collective souls
that we’ll be moved by nonviolent hands
that my passion’s not nostalgic

and tears rise as i daydream
and i begin to smile

can you feel?
you’re not alone!
can you feel
you’re not alone!

can you feel…
can you feel…
you’re not alone!
you’re not alone!

(c) 1998/2002 Jason Luckett

Here’s a live version of Miracle:

Miracle from Living Room
[audio: Miracle.mp3]

Here’s a live version of Daydream:

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