eHarmony Ad – Traci and Jeremy an Interracial Couple

I saw this this morning on ABC:


I thought it was great, though I had one knee jerk reaction: “Why does she have to be crazy?”

Update: For some reason the original ad isn’t available on an iPhone, but here’s another version, interestingly without the “crazy” comment.



  1. Regina August 27, 2009

    O’pleeze…stop being so sensitive. I use the word crazy sometimes with my peeps as a term of endearment. Crazy like in ‘funny, uninhibited, zany, etc’. Folks I use this word with are usually not offended if they have a healthy amount of self-esteem and a good sense of humor.

  2. Jason Luckett August 31, 2009

    All said with a wink… But I am sensitive. 😉

  3. dave October 6, 2009

    why is this add not on anymore?

  4. Vince January 26, 2010

    Love this ad. These two people are beautiful together. I an certain he did not use the word “Crazy” in a negative way. My wife tells me often that I am a “crazy man.” She’s probably right – and (like Traci and Jeremy) we are a “mixed couple” – who are very much in love & very happy. We wish then many happy years together.

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