Why Tiger?

It’s a weird moment for race in the media.  One day I put a picture of Tiger Woods and his wife up on this site to refute the reasonings of an idiotic Louisiana justice that refused to marry an interracial couple. Then he’s everywhere suspected of infidelity and believed to have been attacked by his wife.


A few weeks ago I was groaning when I saw the trailer for The Blind Side, thinking, “C’mon, really? Another film where whites become saviors to a poor black person? Hasn’t this time passed?” Then I read yesterday that it’s taking off in, what I’m sure I’m unfairly calling,  Palin Country.  (Yes, I’m getting cantankerous, and, no, I haven’t seen the film.  It may be wonderful, but the trailer really pushed my buttons and the media coverage hasn’t helped.  This is a critique of the media and marketing, with a jaundiced eye looking at those buying the campaign not the film.)

Then there’s, Precious.  It sounds like a very interesting film, which I am compelled to see.  But the LA Times commentary intrigues me.

Is all this comfort food to a nation annoyed by our President?

Yes, I feel like I’m back in my college course, The Irritated Black Man, 101.

What do you think?



  1. Jerome December 2, 2009

    Hey Jason,

    I went and saw blindside and if the story were fictional I would agree with your hypothesis. In fact it’s true and the player they helped is now a starting offensive lineman for the Ravens in the NFL. I see it more as the white holds the courage and the black holds the passion and together they hold they produce the luvv.


  2. Monica Sanchez May 20, 2010

    I agree with you on “The Blindside”. I live in Alabama and in the type of community this white family lives in; a person of color will be pulled over by the police even if they were just driving through it. I work for people like them….and know oh too well how they obtained this wealth – from the good ole boy and good ole girl club. Every time I see the trailer; I can not help but comment on it. They tend to do this a lot here down south…they use “plantation politics” to obtain their wealth and then go into the “hood” to find a person to show their compassion. They make could and darn sure that the camera’s are on them when they shower this person with this so called “selfless” giving. Its sickening.

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