Happy Loving Day

I offer you this in celebration of the Mixed Roots Festival and the Lovings of Loving v. Virginia, the case that forever abolished anti-miscegenation laws in the US in 1967.

It’s something I did in the mid-nineties.   It’s kind of silly with it’s Rolling Stones references, but also a lot of fun.

Hope to see you tomorrow, June 13th, at the Festival.

[audio:http://groovyacousticsoul.com/organic/samples/05_Various_Catalog/Songs_to_License/Lucky Mingus Demos/11we.mp3]

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I am the future
I am the past
I am the baby that you never had

Product of love
Raised in confusion
Not so much mine
But your illusion

In my life
Love is the solution
What about the children?
Don’t be chicken

We are what we are.

What’s so right within the white?
What’s so right within the black?
We all have organs
We like to use them
Gene pool mix—some brown will be the fusion

Down by law
Down by culture
One day
There’ll be no other
Long gestation

We are what we are.

We are African American European Asian sons
Politically incorrect, embracing every one
And loving and sexing
And sex and sex and sex and sex and
Look at me!

We are what we are.

(Repeat first verse)

Jason Luckett, © 1996 Lucky Masala Head

*Lucky Mingus was the name of the band. It lasted about 6 months with a revolving cast of Jim Doyle, Rob Ladd, and JMD on drums, Wil-Dog Abers (now of Ozomatli) and David Sutton on bass, and Jebin Bruni always on keys. This recording is Jim, David, Jebin and me with Danny Brown producing.

I was heavy into my Charles Mingus period and was trying to add a more collective and historical vibe to what I was doing. The best historical thing here is the bass line which is inspired by a 70’s glam band far on the other end of the spectrum from Mingus…also a little nod to the Rolling Stones… Very little Mingus…

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