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“New Again: I was with the Shark” – Gil Scott-Heron Tribute


From “All/Us/We: a Tribute to Gil Scott-Heron” curated by Kevin Spicer at Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica.

Interesting NPR Story on Perception of Skin Color

You can check it out here.     The gist is that people who voted for Obama tended to think of him as lighter, those who didn’t tended to think of him as darker.   This correlated to political ideology to a good degree, but the correlation was even tighter along the lines of the reported perception of his skin tone determined by altered photographs which the respondent deemed most representative.   It’s fascinating.

But is it surprising?

What do you think?

(I hope to write on this more, but it’s bedtime in LA!)

“Prom Night in Mississippi”

Did anyone see this at Sundance?   I’m really curious to hear about it.   It’s a documentary on the first integrated prom at a high school in Charleston, Mississippi that occured in 2008.   Yes, that’s right, no typo, 2008!   And only because Morgan Freeman offered to pay for it if they integrated the dance.

Tell me about it and let me know when I can see it, if you’re involved.

(Yes, I know, I’m just reading the Sunday Times on Tuesday morning, but I’ve been busy finishing my album mixes and writing a couple things that I’m really excited about!)

UPDATE:   I got a note from a friend down in MS, and he told me that it’s actually two different high schools.   Check it out the LA Times article anyway.   It’s a really interesting discussion.

Just a link today…

My mother forwarded me this NY Times blog this morning. It’s an interesting discussion…and the comments from what I’ve seen so far are virtually free of the Internet’s usual banalities.